Studio Sale! Episode One-$90 art


I have a closet full of matted, framed, signed, archival prints of my favorite black and white images. The surplus lingers from my days at Pyro gallery. On a related note, I need to make a move on a full-frame camera. See the connection? For a limited time, I am offering any of my square-frame black and whites for $90. I was selling them for more than twice that last year! $90 each or 3 for $225. (They look really good in groups of 3, by the way)

They are currently locked in a closet under deplorable conditions. Help me set these images free! Contact me to purchase or to view the entire collection of available images. text or call: 502-454-7204

Here is a preview of the first three images in this series:

Gretchen’s Wedding

Hidden River in Asheville, NC

Highland Coffee – Through May 2011

Putting my work out there – It is nice to see a lot of these works out and being presented to the public. See this collection through May at Highland Coffee. Great prices!