Ain’t no basketball here

…Here is my March Madness 2013 promo. As much as I love watching basketball on TV in my living room in Louisville, Ky, I may have overdosed on this tournament weekend. So, as a remedy, I ventured out of the house early Saturday with nothing but a 7D body and 2 lenses and documented my discoveries. No tripods or stabilizers. Just me and the machine. these discoveries are mixed together with this little collection of vignettes from the past year. This is too much fun. My goal is to get so lost in my visual encounter that I miss a key game.

Celebrate Freedom Video

Client: The Healing Place
See the portfolio version at:

As a Producer and Director, John Fitzgerald brought his own experience of 26 years of recovery from alcoholism to this powerful storytelling project, which inspired people attending the Annual Celebrate Freedom Dinner to support Louisville’s own Healing Place.

The Healing Place is one of the most, in not THE most successful model treatment program in the nation for treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism.The Healing Place boasts a remarkable 75% success rate for their clients in the first year following their treatment. This video tells the inspiring story of three very blessed recipients of their outreach. Learn more at