A New Year Marketing Plan for Fitzio Video

In 2012, our visual design firm, Fitzio, Inc., encountered some very successful growth into the field of providing professional video presentations for clients who want to add meaningful, quality content to their web marketing and SEO strategies. The following is a reflection on some of those projects and on how I might turn this into even more successful opportunities in 2013. Hopefully you might find them helpful in your strategy.

We help clients like comedian and speaker, Mack Dryden engage and connect with his audience through quality video presentations.

We help clients like comedian and speaker, Mack Dryden engage and connect with his audience through quality video presentations.

Last year, was one of our best ever, due in part to our ability to adapt to an increase in demand for video media, like this one we did for Mack Dryden. And, for too long, my primary marketing strategy placed too much weight on the philosophy of, “Do good work and you’ll get more work.” This is a critical element for the survival of almost any business. But, the economic climate of the last few years has demonstrated that more needs to be done to make myself and my talents visible to potential clients.

Here are a few of the marketing tactics that I hope to ramp up early on in 2013.

  • I’m going to show that new stuff on the portfolio and here, on the blog. For our type of business, we get a surprising amount of new leads from our website. And, people who are referred to us often like to check out our work before they make the first contact. Updating work frequently is particularly important for new products and services.
  • Let people know that something new is always happening. I love the way that social media tools can help me put my work out there.
  • Make Contact! I’m proud of the reach and the quality of my network. It’s time to find ways to reach out to as many people as I can on an individual, face-to-face encounter. This is still one of the best ways to discover what their needs might be and to recruit and apply their expertise or enthusiasm to my goals.
  • Set goals. A personal commitment to achievement starts with small, specific , realistic steps. You can bet I’ll have a new personal list this year that’s as good or better than last years!
  • I’m going to do what I love. I have a passion for photography, cinematography and creative presentation of concepts and messages. The best sales tool I have is a body of work that reveals my passion and love for the process of creativity. Some of the best recognition my work has received was for work that I did that was not really work. It was the result of playful exploration. Look for more of that from me in the months to come!

So, there you have it – a list of new year personal commitments to myself and to my community of fabulous clients. I’m excited about the prospects and all of the positive energy surrounding my journey into the new year. I’m most excited about sharing all of the resulting progress with you in the coming months! Thanks to everyone who was a part of our success in 2012 and to all of you who will be growing with us in 2013!