Some Wicked-Good Event Photos


Thanks Gerry, for inviting me be a part of documenting your daughter’s awesome wedding celebration. Man those folks from Istanbul sure know how to have a good time! Here’s hoping that my photos documented the incredible energy in the room!

A clean, short video with long-reaching results

At Fitzio, Inc. Elise and I designed a slick WordPress web site for Mack Dryden, motivational speaker and stand-up comic. He needed a place for people to go and discover exactly what he had to offer to them, give them the reasons why he would be a good resource for their events, and layout the specific steps they would need to take to close the deal. This video drives home that hit-list in well under 2 minutes with a captivating, personalized, face-to-face introductory profile.

A New Year Marketing Plan for Fitzio Video

In 2012, our visual design firm, Fitzio, Inc., encountered some very successful growth into the field of providing professional video presentations for clients who want to add meaningful, quality content to their web marketing and SEO strategies. The following is a reflection on some of those projects and on how I might turn this into even more successful opportunities in 2013. Hopefully you might find them helpful in your strategy. Continue reading

The 2012 Fitzio Christmas Card


Video: Personal Reflections on Naughty and Nice

Here it is! The 2012 Fitzio Christmas Card! A thoughtful study in the naughty/nice dichotomy. Select the thumbnails below to see a full size version of each panel.

Video: Behind the scenes and out-takes

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Studio Sale! Episode One-$90 art


I have a closet full of matted, framed, signed, archival prints of my favorite black and white images. The surplus lingers from my days at Pyro gallery. On a related note, I need to make a move on a full-frame camera. See the connection? For a limited time, I am offering any of my square-frame black and whites for $90. I was selling them for more than twice that last year! $90 each or 3 for $225. (They look really good in groups of 3, by the way)

They are currently locked in a closet under deplorable conditions. Help me set these images free! Contact me to purchase or to view the entire collection of available images. text or call: 502-454-7204

Here is a preview of the first three images in this series: