A story-telling challenge


Our unique combination of talents was perfectly suited for this challenging project: Create a video experience that explains and demonstrates the immersion experience in a way that satisfies curiosity for people exploring involvement in supporting the remarkable work done by Hand in Hand Ministries in Belize, Nicaragua and Appalachia. The delicate and sensitive use of visual imagery to involve the viewer in a powerful message is the formula that John and Elise use to create successful video experiences.

These projects are perfect for me because I like to try and round out my narratives with more visual experiences that leave the audience with a more intimate understanding of the  organizations and people behind the story.

Ain’t no basketball here

…Here is my March Madness 2013 promo. As much as I love watching basketball on TV in my living room in Louisville, Ky, I may have overdosed on this tournament weekend. So, as a remedy, I ventured out of the house early Saturday with nothing but a 7D body and 2 lenses and documented my discoveries. No tripods or stabilizers. Just me and the machine. these discoveries are mixed together with this little collection of vignettes from the past year. This is too much fun. My goal is to get so lost in my visual encounter that I miss a key game.

Some Wicked-Good Event Photos


Thanks Gerry, for inviting me be a part of documenting your daughter’s awesome wedding celebration. Man those folks from Istanbul sure know how to have a good time! Here’s hoping that my photos documented the incredible energy in the room!

A clean, short video with long-reaching results

At Fitzio, Inc. Elise and I designed a slick WordPress web site for Mack Dryden, motivational speaker and stand-up comic. He needed a place for people to go and discover exactly what he had to offer to them, give them the reasons why he would be a good resource for their events, and layout the specific steps they would need to take to close the deal. This video drives home that hit-list in well under 2 minutes with a captivating, personalized, face-to-face introductory profile.

A New Year Marketing Plan for Fitzio Video

In 2012, our visual design firm, Fitzio, Inc., encountered some very successful growth into the field of providing professional video presentations for clients who want to add meaningful, quality content to their web marketing and SEO strategies. The following is a reflection on some of those projects and on how I might turn this into even more successful opportunities in 2013. Hopefully you might find them helpful in your strategy. Continue reading